2012-08-10 NIIBE YutakaRemove no_passwd_net master
2012-07-11 NIIBE
2012-04-12 NIIBE Yutakamore fix openid_decide cancel handling
2012-04-12 NIIBE Yutakafix openid_decide cancel handling
2012-04-12 NIIBE Yutakafix openid_decide cancel handling
2012-04-12 NIIBE Yutakafix openid_decide cancel handling
2012-04-12 NIIBE Yutakafix
2012-04-12 NIIBE Yutakasupport cancellation by openid_decide,add Content-Lengt...
2012-04-06 NIIBE Yutakawsgi debug
2012-04-06 NIIBE Yutakawsgi debug
2012-04-06 NIIBE Yutakawsgi
2012-04-06 NIIBE Yutakawsgi
2012-04-06 NIIBE YutakaLOGIN_URL change
2012-04-06 NIIBE Yutakafix urls
2012-04-06 NIIBE Yutakafix wsgi
2012-04-06 NIIBE Yutakaupdate for Django 1.2
2012-04-06 NIIBE YutakaDon't use staticfiles as it's new feature of Django 1.3
2012-04-06 NIIBE Yutakaintegrate no_passwd_net into ungent
2012-04-06 NIIBE YutakaAdd a Django application 'no_passwd_net', which is...
2011-05-07 NIIBE Yutakacss modification for docutils
2011-04-20 NIIBE YutakaSupport static image
2011-04-15 NIIBE Yutakafix REPO.git
2011-04-15 NIIBE Yutakaadd git_tgz_donwload feature
2011-04-15 NIIBE Yutakafix caching
2011-04-14 NIIBE Yutakadirectory-listing fix
2011-04-14 NIIBE Yutakamodify README
2011-04-14 NIIBE YutakaFast CGI for gitweb
2011-04-14 NIIBE
2011-04-13 NIIBE Yutakadate in recent list is last modified
2011-04-13 NIIBE YutakaDon't show timezone
2011-04-13 NIIBE Yutakaarticle list by table
2011-04-13 NIIBE Yutakamodification: sort_colors, don't add <A>, icons are...
2011-04-13 NIIBE Yutakaadd a script from
2011-04-12 NIIBE Yutakaadd doc info
2011-04-12 NIIBE Yutakafix for gitweb
2011-04-12 NIIBE Yutakastyle fixes
2011-04-12 NIIBE Yutakarelative navigation
2011-04-12 NIIBE Yutakarelative navigation
2011-04-12 NIIBE Yutakause date from Git history
2011-04-11 NIIBE Yutakamodify htmldir
2011-04-11 NIIBE Yutakasupport directory listing
2011-04-11 NIIBE Yutakanavigator position fix
2011-04-11 NIIBE YutakaMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2011-04-11 NIIBE Yutakaadded missing ChangeLog entry
2011-04-10 NIIBE Yutakaadd fixed version of caching
2011-04-09 NIIBE Yutakafix global_navi
2011-04-09 NIIBE Yutakastaticfile too
2011-04-09 NIIBE Yutakastaticdir which works correctly
2011-04-08 NIIBE Yutakaalternative staticdir
2011-04-08 NIIBE Yutakaadd support of lang option
2011-04-08 NIIBE Yutakadoctype change
2011-04-08 NIIBE Yutakanot All but List
2011-04-08 NIIBE Yutakabug fix
2011-04-08 NIIBE Yutakaadded index-list
2011-04-08 NIIBE Yutakaadd list of all articles
2011-04-08 NIIBE Yutakaanchor change
2011-04-08 NIIBE Yutakaadded topic path
2011-04-08 NIIBE Yutakaexternal link with underline decoration
2011-04-08 NIIBE YutakaH2 change
2011-04-07 NIIBE Yutakasidebar top menu by configuration
2011-04-07 NIIBE Yutakaadded feature of global navigation
2011-04-07 NIIBE Yutakadon't use float to display date
2011-04-06 NIIBE Yutakathe sorting order of articles fixed
2011-04-06 NIIBE Yutakainclude title in page, support BREAK
2011-04-06 NIIBE Yutakafix num_entries
2011-04-06 NIIBE Yutakasupport index page
2011-04-06 NIIBE YutakaDynamically render ReST and ignore *~
2011-04-05 NIIBE Yutakachdir to dirname()
2011-04-05 NIIBE Yutakagitweb itself doesn't add / at the end
2011-04-04 NIIBE Yutakadate field support
2011-04-01 NIIBE Yutakasidebar change for gitweb/
2011-03-30 NIIBE Yutakaadded missing colon
2011-03-30 NIIBE Yutakaoverride SERVER_PORT, always 80
2011-03-28 NIIBE Yutakacurrent_dir, parent_dir
2011-03-24 NIIBE Yutakaadded gitweb
2011-03-23 NIIBE YutakaREADME fix
2011-03-23 NIIBE Yutakachange production configuration
2011-03-23 NIIBE Yutakanew arg 'watch' 2
2011-03-23 NIIBE Yutakanew arg 'watch'
2011-03-23 NIIBE Yutakaremoved autoreload
2011-03-23 NIIBE Yutakaremove debug output
2011-03-23 NIIBE Yutakaadded .gitignore
2011-03-23 NIIBE Yutakadoc root recursively
2011-03-23 NIIBE Yutakaadded explanation
2011-03-23 NIIBE Yutakaadded title and environ arg
2011-03-23 NIIBE YutakaAdded ChangeLog and img margin
2011-03-23 NIIBE Yutakainitial revision